Christendom Astray From The BibleBy Robert Roberts

PrefacePreface To the Edition of 1884
Lecture 1The Bible--What it is, and how to interpret it
Lecture 2Human Nature Essentially Mortal, as proved by Nature and Revelation
Lecture 3The Dead Unconscious till the Resurrection, and consequent error of popular belief in heaven and hell
Lecture 4Immortality a conditional gift to be bestowed at the Resurrection
Lecture 5 Judgment to come; the dispensation of Divine awards to responsible classes at the return of Christ
Lecture 6God, Angels, Jesus Christ, and the Crucifixion
Lecture 7The Devil not a personal supernatural being, but the scriptural personification of sin in its manifestations among men
Lecture 8The Kingdom of God not yet in existence, but to be established visibly on the earth at a future day.
Lecture 9The Promises made to the Fathers (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob), yet to be fulfilled in the setting up of the Kingdom of God upon earth
Lecture 10The Kingdom of God the Final Instrumentality in the great scheme of human redemption
Lecture 11Christ the Future King of the World
Lecture 12The Covenant made with David to be realised in the reestablishment of the Kingdom of Israel under Christ
Lecture 13The Second Coming of Christ the only Christian Hope
Lecture 14The Hope of Israel, or, the Restoration of the Jews, a part of the divine scheme, and an element of the Gospel.
Lecture 15Coming troubles and the Second Advent
Lecture 16Times and Signs: or the evidence that the end is near
Lecture 17The Refuge from the Storm: or; What Must I Do to Be Saved ?
Lecture 18The Ways of Christendom inconsistent with the Commandments of Christ
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